15. aug. 2012

Favorite hair designs.


So Stardoll opened up for hair design a while back, and people are getting really good at it. I`ve gathered some of my favorite hair designs over the last week. If you think that your hair design deserve to be in this list, comment below with your username and I`ll check it out! 

Stardoll user: ILOVEHELLY

 Stardoll user: chbabe
 Stardoll user: kamila01010
 Stardoll user: littlebase-fan
 Stardoll user: nickyy
Stardoll user: t_louise

3 kommentarer:

  1. My name is sasakiasahi please accept my request please!

  2. Stardoll user: kamila01010
    this hair is rojda32 ~~ not her

  3. my username is dana12reina my hair is awesome! ;)