22. aug. 2012

Stardoll Fakes

Hi again! 

So I have this thing that has been bugging me for a while about the users of Stardoll, and that is how gullible people are! 

The most common things are of course users claiming to be celebrities  To be honest, if you`re stupid enough to believe that for example Justin Bieber would make a Stardoll account without an agreement with Stardoll, and that he just happened to stop by your account to tell you who he is, then you do not need to read the rest of this post because your battle is already lost! Not to be harsh, but if you honestly believe something like that you will not understand a single thing I`m trying to say in this post. 

But the thing that bugs me the most are user like Rihon
If you don`t know who this user is, here is a little back story for you. This is a user that claims to be the daughter of Stardoll founder Liisa Wrang. This girl has listed Jamaica as her country, but she has not listed her age. Of course people buy all of the sh*t this user says because they honestly believe that this user has some sort of influence being the "daughter of the founder". 

Here is a news flash for you. She`s just fooling people making a complete ass of herself. She is not her daughter. Liisa Wrang is almost 70 years old, that means that if she has a daughter she has to be at least 40 years old. And by reading her presentation you can easily see that this is not the case. 

Second of all, Liisa Wrang is Finnish. She has lived her entire life in Finland. Why on earth would this 70 year old person have a teen daughter in Jamaica? 

Third. Her facts are all wrong. If you ask Rihon about Stardoll facts she has no idea what she is talking about. You would believe the daughter of the founder of Stardoll would know where the Stardoll headquarters are, right? Well, she doesn`t. 

Fourth. Liisa Wrang actually have a Stardoll account although she is no longer running the company. Don`t you believe that Liisa Wrang would put her own daughter in her top friends list? 

But, if you after all these facts, still believe that Rihon is the daughter of Stardoll founder Liisa Wrang, let me just end the rumours once and for all. Liisa Wrang only has one son. No daughter. 

This post is not meant to be really mean and harsh, but just a warning to you all. You cannot believe all the things you hear on Stardoll. You have to be critical to the stuff people are saying. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. 

On a happier note - Miss Stardoll World is starting soon. Are you excited? :-)

5 kommentarer:

  1. that is sooooo true!!I`ve seen her profile before, but I never belived she wads the daughter.

  2. People like that are so stupid, like how dumb does she think tha people of stardoll is to believe something like that!

  3. You know, your blog is really interesting! love reading it! keep up the good work ! - t_louise

  4. She actually has two sons but I am with you all the way.

  5. Yes, Kiara Hannah, she does have two sons. I was just contacted by a user named Justice4309 who asked for my password, She said she would make me a superstar. I didn't believe her for a second. Then she started saying she was the owner's daughter. I did my research and proved her wrong easily.