25. sep. 2011

Makeup Tutorial

Hi again!

So I've gotten a lot of questions on my Stardoll account as to how I do my makeup. So I thought I'd do a little tutorial for those interested. The model is my best friend (HanneMarie on Stardoll.)

Hope you like it!

And while I'm posting, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me for the MSW contest, I'm one of the Semi Finalists! Thank you so much! :)

Watch in HD for the best experience :)

Makeup explanation:

1. I always use an eyeliner first. I like to use the eyeliner only on the top lid, and then just use the natural "flow" of the eyelid and lash line. That way you'll give the illusion of thicker and fuller eyelashes. 

2. Most of the time I use a light color as a base color, in this case I used the LUXE grey(ish) eyeshadow. I then put the eyeshadow on in the form I would like the other eyeshadows to have, but also on a little bigger area than the rest of the eyeshadows. That way you can put on other eyeshadows and still see a little bit of the lighter color on the crease. 

3. When I put on the other eyeshadow ( a black eyeshadow from LUXE), I started with an area that almost covered all of the light color. When I used it the second time I used it on a smaller area, that way the color sort of blends in with the lighter color, because it gives the illusion that the color gradually goes darker closer and closer to the eye. When I used the darker color I layer it, which is why it looks almost grey on the top and then black close to the eye (this part is hard to explain so watch the video, please).

4. With the rouge I start pretty much parallel to the tip of the nose and then work my way up. 

5. Because the eye makeup became very dark, I lightened it up a bit with a white eyeliner on the bottom lid. 

6.  I normally put on the mascara in the last part of the eye makeup, this way I can see the lid at all times without any distractions of long eyelashes. I use both lengthening and thickening mascara on the top eyelashes, and then only lengthening on the bottom (this is just my taste, I do not like the "clumpy" look, an I feel that it often looks like that with the thick eyelashes on the bottom).  

7. I think that the color of the lips on this doll is already a good color, so all I did was apply LUXE see-through lipgloss. 

18. sep. 2011

Stupid people on Stardoll.


So there's this thing bothering me, and it's the overflow of stupid people on Stardoll! There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of awesome people on Stardoll, so don't get me wrong, but: 

Take this for an example: 

I get alot of questions like that, and there are a couple of reasons why it pisses me of the way it does. 
Many people work ALOT on their Stardoll accounts, and many of them has also used alot of their own real money on buying Stardollars and Superstar memberships. And then someone comes along and just asks for your password like it's no big deal, like they deserve to get it. It's like going up to a rich man and asking for their car, the rich guy would laugh his ass off. 

So I replied the girl who asked for my password , and she replied by asking for my password once again. So I replied her (and when I reply to stupid questions like that, I'm pretty harsh and mean) , and then she gives me this answer: 

And that just made me more pissed. So her explanation is that because she's not a superstar, and therefor not a royalty, she deserves to GET my account. That's what I'd call a real spoiled brat. She honestly expect me to give her an account I've worked on for a number of years, just because she is to lazy to work on her own. And then, on top of it all, she calls ME a brat for not giving it to her. It's like she's not raised at all, like she just wandered in from the woods demanding to get things from others. 

And just so we're clear: I do know that a lot of the "can I have your password?" messages are just jokes, or people who wrote to the wrong person, but come on! Does this ever work? Is there really anyone out there who actually gives out their password when someone asks?

So this member is by far the stupidest I've EVER seen on Stardoll. Please go to her account and give her a piece of your mind if you agree with me. 


And then I got this stupid post in my guestbook: 

I can't do anything other than laugh at stupid people like this.

16. sep. 2011

Miss Stardoll World round 2.

Hi again :) 

So the  first votings of the Miss Stardoll World competition is now closed, and the top 20 countries were announced with their contestants. So as I've written before, it comes to no shock to me that my country did not make it to the top 20, therefor I did not make it to the 2nd round. I wasn't expecting it, so I wasn't really surprised, but I guess some part of me feel that my doll really deserve to win something sometime, and I've spent alot of money broadcasting, so that sucks.  

But, the voting is still open for us from countries that did not make it through, so I'm crossing my fingers, and hoping that this might be my lucky shot. 

So what so you think about the contestants so far? I've flipped through some of the members that went through to the second round, and I've gotta say that I did stumble upon a few members I don't really feel deserve to go through, but that's just the way it is, and always will be :-)

I've got a quick question for you guys, do you think the votes from the first part of the voting will count when they pick the top 20 from the continents? 


7. sep. 2011


Hi :)

I've been doing makeovers for a while now and saving them in my album on Stardoll. I like toned down makeup, as you can see in the makeovers. I like soft colors, and I pretty much start every makeover with a light base color. I thought I'd upload some of the makeovers I've done so far. 

Hope you like it! Please comment and follow this blog :) 




What do you think?

Hope you like it!

4. sep. 2011

Miss Stardoll World

Stardoll is once again kicking of the Miss Stardoll World competition. This is the second year Stardoll hosts this competition, and by the look of last years competition, it will be a big hit also this year. This year the competition is split into three rounds, the First Round, the Semi Finals and the Grand Finale.

In the first round you can vote on whoever you'd like, using the new button in the Suite. Then 680 people will go through to the Semi Finals. There will be 20 people from each country (only the top 30 voted countries), and there will also be 20 people from each continent. 

This means that you can get alot of votes, but still not make it though the cut. If your country doesn't have enough votes, and you're not in the top 20 of your continent, you will not be able to participate. So even though you could have enough votes to get through to the next round, but your country could be stopping you.

Take me for example, I'm from Norway, it's a small country and we don't really have that many Stardoll users. So I'm pretty certain that Norway will not be one of the top 30 countries. And, unless I get enough votes to be in the top 20 of Europe, I will not be able to participate, and that really blows. 

I also think that this competition, as well as the Covergirl competition, will be to controlled by who broadcasts the most. I do understand that that is one of the ways Stardoll makes their money, but in some ways it is not fair. 

I think Stardoll should have som Wild-Cards in this competition, meaning users they pick out, regardless of their country or number of votes. This way everyone has a fair chance. I also think that Stardoll should have some days where they disable the broadcast, this way you can see who really gets alot of visitors, and then maybe we could get a Covergirl who didn't spend 5 days broadcasting for votes. 

Click here to visit my suite on Stardoll, hope you like it!


2. sep. 2011

Hi there!

Seeing as this is the first entry in my blog, I thought I'd give you a little bit of information about what I thought I'd use this blog to. 

I'm a member of Stardoll and have been for a long time, my nickname on Stardoll is Ceezzy. Right now I use my album on Stardoll to blog, give fashion tips and so on. This is not really a good way to get my messages across so I thought I'd join the line of many other Stardoll users, and start a blog.

I will use this blog to give fashion tips, do makeovers, discuss new clothing items/brands on Stardoll, and in general give my opinion on different things on Stardoll. I'm always up for a discussion so I'd love for you to comment on my entries. 

Hope you like it so far!